Soooo if you’re like me, you freak out a little when you know you’re about to get photographed. Yup. Even photographers get that feeling. Duh it’s exciting, but nerves are included in all of that. Instead of everyone’s anxieties going through the roof, I created this guide to hopefully help ease those nerves! Here are 7 steps you can do to help you better prepare yourself for your photoshoot.


Of course you want to look your absolute best in your photos, and professional hair and makeup is so helpful in not only looking your best but feeling your best. Engagement photos are a great time to schedule your wedding trial hair and makeup — you can test out your wedding day look and take it for a spin, have your hair and makeup done for your session, and then treat yourselves to a romantic dinner afterwards and get allll the bang for your buck hehe


This one is important! Don’t forget your nails! This is a great excuse to go get a manicure (as if you need an excuse lol). I recommend getting your nails done a few days before your session and suggest neutral colors!


Make sure you plan your outfits in advance so you feel prepared on the day of your session. You want to feel comfortable, and you don’t want your clothing to divert the attention from you two. I recommend solid + neutral colors that blend in with your surroundings or simple patterns that aren’t too busy. I suggest bringing options with you – a few shirts or pants or dresses – so that we have a variety to choose from when we get to our location.


Looking your best includes having smooth clothes. This is so crucial to looking better in photos. Spend a few minutes ironing or steaming your clothes to avoid wrinkles. If you want to level up, roll a lint roller over everything (ESPECIALLY if it’s black) to clean it up a tad. These two make the world of a difference!


The night before, give yourself a little extra pamper so you’re feeling nothing short of 100% the next day for your session. You want to be all sorts of comfortable and relaxed so that your best self shows up to the session. Do something special and take time to just be together.


On the day of your session, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready! Also, make sure to leave earlier just in case you run into traffic or you happen to get every red light in the world (my luck HA). Feeling rushed beforehand can lead to a lingering feeling of stress during your session, which isn’t so fun. We want all the good vibes so we have the best session possible.


Although it may seem like I work with models, I promise everyone you see in my photos are just regular people, so all you have to do is relax, trust me, and focus on each other – leave the rest to me! It’s my job to capture your relationship in an authentic way, so don’t stress about it! Be prepared to get sillyyyy (dancing will absolutely be involved haha).

And if you have any other questions before your session gets here, just shoot me an email!