Here to answer all the questions. If I didn’t answer one of yours, feel free to reach out!

*Please note – I only take a limited number of weddings per year, so be sure to contact me as soon as possible. Typically, my couples book me anywhere from 4 months to 16 months in advance.*

Where are you based out of?

I currently live in Vancouver, WA. Traveling is sorta my thing, so don’t be afraid to take me somewhere epic. Just say when + where, and I will meet you just about anywhere in this world. All for those recklessly in love.

Should we hire a second shooter?

A second shooter offers a different perspective to your wedding. While I focus on getting the major shots, my second shooter has the flexibility to get everything else. For example:

Getting ready (I cannot be at two places at once!): If the groomsmen are getting ready at the same time the bridesmaids are, it’s helpful to have a second photographer capture moments of them as well.

Ceremony: During the ceremony, the second photographer helps me capture the families reactions, the grooms reaction as the bride walks down the aisle, and the sweet candid moments that happen so quickly while I focus on you both. The second photographer also helps capture cocktail hour while I capture family portraits.

Candid moments: During the entire wedding, there will be endless moments happening between the families and guests, and the second shooter’s job is to capture those candid moment that I sometimes am not able to catch. They are essentially an extension of myself.

Why are you priced the way you are?

Photography is priced based on several things. The first is demand. There are many photographers out there but not many who primarily do weddings and do it consistently well. Brides and grooms want to have the best they can, and that narrows the pool even further. I like to think that I fall in the category of a photographer who is consistently good and therefore.. in demand. The second is time. Often by the time I’m done driving, shooting, and then driving back home, 10-14 hours just vanished. That’s for the wedding alone. After that, the real work begins of culling images, editing, and putting together your final product. There isn’t a set number of hours of work that goes into a wedding after the ceremony, but it often runs 2-4 hours for every 1 hour spent at the wedding. Those long hours of work are a big reason why wedding photography isn’t cheap. The third is equipment. The photography business is expeeeensiveeee – I’m getting my kids into it so that they don’t have money for shenanigans haha. Professional gear racks up into the tens of thousands of $$$. Not only that, but I have to get them cleaned and maintained every year to make sure they’re working at their best. On top of that, there is software and so many other little accessories / necessary tools I use that rack up. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, so I don’t take it lightly and want to deliver the best service to you – but quality doesn’t come cheap.

Will you shoot someone who’s never been professionally photographed?

99% of the people I shoot have never had a single professional photo taken of them! Everyone just looks like a model because I help them feel unposed and natural during our session.

When should I expect to receive my gallery?

I deliver shoots within 3 weeks and weddings within 3 months.

How long have you been a photographer?

5 years! Can’t believe it myself haha.

Do we get all the photos?

YESSSS. The only photos that aren’t delivered are the mid-blinking, blurry, or unflattering photos I know you don’t want to have. I deliver anywhere from 60-80 images an hour. Sometimes more. Never less. It just depends on how long I’m hired for and what happens on your wedding day. 

Can I have the unedited versions or RAW files?

Nope. You are hiring me for my editing style and trust that I will send you all the right images.

What do we wear for our shoot?

Wear something comfortable and something true to you. Whether that means a leather jacket and a beanie or a flowy dress and bare feet, I want you guys to feel as natural as possible. I also always recommend neutral colors that blend well with the environment. Don’t hesitate to reach out – I can help you choose outfits based on the location + your personalities.

Should we bring any props to our shoot?

That’s completely up to you, but I definitely encourage it! Bringing things like flowers, smoke bombs, champagne, hats, motorcycles (hehe), confetti, sparklers, etc, can be really unique!

Can you help me in this wedding planning process?

Yes! I’m here for it all – inspo, wedding timelines, outfits, etc. I also have a list of my favorite vendors I’ve worked with to help you out. I GOT YOU!

Do you offer discounts?

Nope. I don’t believe in discounts with high quality services.

How much are travel expenses?

Out-of-state packages are offered with travel included to anywhere in the United States. International travel packages are available as well.

Do you offer custom packages?

Yep! Not all weddings are the same, so I’m happy to cater to your specific needs. Prices are adjustable based on coverage hours / etc. Email me to inquire!

Can we bring our dogs?


Do you offer videography as well?

I don’t shoot video myself, but my sister is the most impressive human when it comes to that. Check her out: . We love working together!

Do you shoot dinner rehearsals?

Oh absolutely. The day before your wedding is so sweet, so whatever you’re doing with your closest friends and family, I’d love to be there to capture it.

Any advice you can give me?

Yes. Breathe. Have fun. I know it’s a lot to plan an entire event, but after all is said and done, you get to marry your person. Your loved ones come far and wide to celebrate a love that you two share. That’s something that no one can ever take away from you. Revel in it. Will you get a little stressed during the process? Sure. Will you be close to tears at times? Possibly. But.. you won’t be alone. I’ll be there with you – not only taking pictures of your day but helping in any way I can to make things run smoothly, on Oh absolutely. The day before your wedding is so sweet, so whatever you’re doing with your closest friends and family, I’d love to be there to capture it., and stress-free. It’s a good bet you’ll never have a day like this again. Enjoy it. Live it up. Dance till you can’t feel your feet. Hug and kiss till your cheeks are redder than mine after running a mile. You and your favorite human are starting your lives together. Everything else is just noise.