First things first.. my name is Karina Selyuzhitskaya, but over the course of my life, I have learned it is better for the good of humanity not to put people through the full-out lesson of pronouncing my last name. Hence, the shortened version: Karina Sely. Anyways..

A few things that I love.. the saxophone, embarrassing stories, flowers, traveling, dancing, The Office, playing loud music in the car, kind folks, and the mountains!!!

I started photography as an excuse to get out and shoot. I loved exploring every nook and cranny there is, and so I would grab my camera along to my adventures. Next thing I know, I'm falling in love with photography. It is my escape from the real world as well as a way to meet new people and see beautiful things.

I have explored many different styles of photography, but I have found that my heart beats most for capturing people in their most natural state. Whether this involves individual people, couples, weddings, etc., I’m all for it. My hope is to capture the real and raw you. This means the awkward, silly, loving, sweet, funny, weird, and genuine you. Posed, stiff, hand-on-the-hip smiling shots aren’t really my thing.

I'm lucky that my sessions have led me to new adventures and new friendships. Get ready for some fun times, random dancing, and awesome captured moments. Shoot me an email and let's set up an adventure!