I get asked pretty often what kind of gear I use – so here ya go! From my camera bodies to my hard drives, I’ve attached everything I use below. Click on the photo to get the link!


Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR

My favorite DSLR – I have two of them!
Canon 35mm f/1.4L II

My go-to lens for basically everything.
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II

My favorite lens for weddings. It never comes off my camera.
Canon 50mm f/1.2L

Great portrait lens. I’d recommend this for all beginnings!
Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT

Just a good quality flash! I use this for receptions at weddings mostly.
Apple MacBook Pro

I get all my work done on here. I got mine with the most storage so I would never have to worry about that. Students: take advantage of the student discount!


WANDRD Camera Backpack

The creators literally thought of everything. I can fit all my equipment in here, and there are so many intentional pockets. It’s also the perfect backpack when traveling.
Ruggard Camera Shoulder Bag

A bag I use for all my shoots! I only bring the items I actually need for the session, so it saves my back from having to carry alllll my equipment. It also fits so much dang stuff.
SanDisk Extreme PRO Flash Memory Cards

I have so many of these. You seriously can never have enough haha.
SanDisk Extreme PRO Compact Flash Memory Cards

Faster than a flash card but way more expensive!
Memory Card Case

Just a storage case for my memory cards. It’s also waterproof!
Mini Speaker

This guy is tiny but powerful! I use this for to play music during all my sessions.
Waterproof Camera Cover

All my camera gear is weather resistant and can stand some heavy rain, but just as an extra precaution, I’ll sometimes pull this guy out! It just gives me some more peace of mind and lets me focus more on shooting!
Microfiber Towel

Helps me dry myself + my gear off if I ever do shoot in the rain. The microfiber towels dry so quickly (3 times faster than a cotton towel), so they are super helpful!

ONA Camera Strap

Super comfortable! I love the way it looks, and the leather is such great quality.
LaCie Hard Drive

Great hard drive! It has never failed on me, but no hard drive is indestructible. I have a few of these to backup my photos to.
Pelican Micro Case

I put my hard drives in here to keep them extra safe. Bonus: it’s waterproof!
Canon Batteries

Load up on these! Would never want your camera dying in the middle of a shoot gahhh.
Energizer Rechargeable Batteries

My speedlite really drains my batteries, so instead of buying Costco packs of them, I bought some rechargeable ones that I can reuse over and over.
Glass Prism

Use this to create fun effects in your photos.
Warby Parker Glasses

These are blue light glasses to protect my eyes from the blue light computers / phones have. Highly recommend!!!
Lens Cleaning Wipes

I have these on me at all times – in my bags, in my drawers, in my pockets, etc. They are so so handy. I use them to clean by gear, glasses, phone, and computer!

Welp, there ya have it! Everything I use to take my photos. Hope this helps!