“Karina is a beautiful soul with an incredible talent. She made my husband and I, who can be somewhat awkward in front of the camera, feel so at ease. She gave us just enough direction but also let us be ourselves, and the outcome was beyond my greatest expectation. Looking through our gallery, I can feel every little moment and every emotion we experienced. I am in awe at every single photo and so beyond grateful we chose her to capture our wedding day. 12/10 would recommend!”

-Anna + Josh


“Karina is the best! If you are in the Atlanta area, PLEASE find her! She is great with communicating and will make you feel wonderful while taking photos. Do not be afraid to be silly around her, because she can capture the cutest photos! Her photos are more candid and capture your personality and love (if you’re a couple). She loves when you bring your pet, which is a wonderful bonus!”

-Annie + Trace


“I don’t even know where to begin!!! But Karina is seriously the BEST photographer ever! She’s super fun, hilarious, beautiful, talented, friendly, and down to earth! Her character and personality are top notch; she’s amazing! As soon as I started emailing her she was ssooo easy to talk to and SUPER FRIENDLY! I loved that about her! She’s extremely talented and her sense of humor will knock you off your feet. She’s always super real. She seriously took all the photos I wanted to have from my wedding!! I LOOK AT MY PHOTOS EVERY DAY!!! I was speechless when I received our photos and just couldn’t believe how wonderful every photo looked!! It’s so amazing to have such perfect pictures to remember our wedding day! Thank you so much Karina ♡ So thankful you captured our wedding day for us!!! You’re the best!”

-Dina + Paul


“There are no words to describe how in love I am with the photos that Karina took! She perfectly captured the love and happiness my boyfriend and I have for one another. Not to mention the experience altogether was so fun! She made us feel comfortable and we were all laughing the whole time! She is so extremely talented and is such a sweet person!!! Hands down the best photographer in the Atlanta area!”

-Hannah + Larson


“Karina made me feel so incredibly comfortable and confident during our shoot. She is beyond talented and full of ideas to get the perfect shots, which made everything so effortless. Karina’s fun and positive nature kept me laughing the entire time and I could not be more pleased with the images! They are beautiful and truly reflect who I am – I couldn’t ask for anything more! I will definitely be looking to hire Karina for my wedding/engagement photos!!”

-Shelby Aldrich


“When a friend of mine told me about Karina, I had already booked a photographer for my wedding. I still decided to look up her work. I became quickly obsessed with her photography, to the point of stalking her page everyday for at least two months. I even cried to my mom because I wanted to have Karina as our photographer so badly, but we had already booked someone else. When my mom finally came to me and told me that we had room in the budget to switch, I cried again. Switching to Karina was the greatest decision. She is lively, fun, caring, unique, and ridiculously talented! She even prayed over me before the ceremony (what other photographer does that?!) I couldn’t be happier with our pictures! I am forever grateful for Karina and the life she brought to our wedding day and put into our pictures.”

-Emily + Brandon


“Karina has been blessed with a beautiful gift: the ability to create magic with light and a lens. Her images will speak for themselves, but what they won’t tell you is that she was an absolute pleasure to work with. She instantly brought liveliness to our day and made us feel like we could be our true form (Weird and overly affectionate)! Karina is the type of person you become friends with instantly. I still laugh when I think of all the goofy, fun memories we made while shooting! Josh and I were truly blown away by the beauty of Providence Canyon, and the images Karina was able to capture genuinely showcase its magic! I’m still over the moon with our wedding photos! I cannot thank her enough for giving us these stunning photographs we’ll be able to look back on the rest of our lives.”

-Jordan + Josh


“Karina is an amazing photographer with an eye for perfection. She is so good at making a dreamy photo out of anything and anyone! If you think you have a bad angle or a bad side, you won’t be disappointed with your photos because I’ve seen her work miracles. The sun literally set during our shoot and the photos were still flawless. Point is-she makes magic out of any and everything with a smile on her face and a skip in her step. Don’t hesitate to book with her!”

-Ayleen + Bryce


“I came across Karina’s page one day as I was scrolling through Instagram and the first thing I noticed was how different her pictures were! They weren’t like anyone’s I’ve seen before; the pictures were absolutely beautiful to me. I held off on getting individual portraits done because I had never done anything like that before. It was definitely something I had to think about before going through with it. After the shoot I was so anxious to see the pictures not knowing if they were going to turn out well. When I saw them, I fell SOOO IN LOVE! I’ve never liked any photos of myself so much before. It’s amazing what she can do behind the lens. She definitely knows how to take unbelievably good pictures and I wouldn’t want anyone else to take professional pictures of me! She is awesome, so if you’re thinking about choosing Karina, don’t think just DO IT! You will not regret it :)”

-Mary Riley Mixon


“Karina Sely Photography has been instrumental in capturing some of the most important parts of my life. She has done an amazing job with my photos, and is always willing to go the extra mile in order to get a fun, creative shot. Aside from her talent, Karina is so good at making sure her models feel comfortable in front of the camera, and is always up for a fun time. Her principles that she bases her work off of are exactly as she says- her goal really is to capture special moments, and not capture posed pictures. I highly recommend using Karina Sely Photography!”

-Savannah Lengnick


“I am honestly very insecure in front of the camera – especially when people make me feel awkward by just standing there. I kept thinking that the same thing would happen, but I was so surprised at how Karina presented herself and the atmosphere she created. She hyped me up so well that I forgot she was taking pictures for a second. I was laughing and twirling and she was just snapping away. Her bubbly and warm spirit made me comfortable and confident, and I was just myself in front of the camera. Her photography skills are beyond unique which makes her a unique photographer. She will get down and dirty to get the perfect shot. Get yourself a Karina Sely!”

-Laura Kiosak