Do you work with a second shooter?

Nearly always. There are some weddings that simply don’t require it, like elopements or smaller weddings. However, for most everything else, a second shooter is something I always have with me. Essentially, my second shooter is an extension of myself. They go where I cannot. If I’m shooting the bride, rest assured the second shooter is with the groom. If I’m in front of the ceremony, they’re at the back getting a different angle. We cover and back each other up, the entire time. You’re in good hands. Don’t worry.

Why are you priced the way you are?

Wedding photography is price based on several things. The first is demand. There are a lot of photographers out there, but not many who do weddings or who do it consistently. Brides and grooms want to have the best they can and that narrows the pool even further. I like to think, though I might be wrong, that I fall in the category of a photographer who is consistently good and therefore … in demand. The second way weddings are priced is time. Often by the time I’m done driving, shooting, unpacking and packing, and then back home, 10-14 hours just vanished. That’s for the wedding alone. After that, the real work begins of selecting images, retouching, editing, and putting together your final product. There isn’t a set number of hours of work that goes into a wedding AFTER the ceremony, but it often runs 2-4 hours for every 1 hour at the wedding. Those long hours of work are a big reason why wedding photography isn’t cheap. The third reason wedding photography is expensive is because we use expensive equipment. I take pride in the quality of my work, but quality definitely does not come cheap. I want to give the best that I can, and to do so, a major investment is required.

How many pictures do we get?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are so many variables to consider; amount of time I’m shooting, the number of people, number of shooters, etc. However, that aside, I generally deliver between 40-60 photos per hour of shooting.

When will we receive our pictures?

Your gallery will be delivered within 3 months of the wedding day.

Do you edit every photograph?

I do edit every photograph that is chosen. However, not every photograph taken is chosen. On average, my second shooter and I end up with over 5,000 photographs, yet the average picture delivery of an 8 hour wedding is only 400-600. However, of the ones I don’t include, many of those are duplicates and the others are probably unflattering to someone. We overshoot because we want to ensure we miss nothing.

Can we see the outtakes/photos not chosen?

No. Nyet. Non. I know, I know. You’re thinking right now, “But I paid for her services, I have a right to see what she took!” Actually, you don’t. You paid for my storytelling. Just like a good editor, sometimes, there are things that have to be taken out in order for the story to make sense. I promise you, none of the shots you don’t see are things you’d want to keep. Do you really need 19 shots of you putting your wedding dress on when you’ve already got 3 from better angles? Do you really want a photo of Grandma picking her nose in the background? Do you really, really, really want to see an awkward shot of the bridesmaid pulling out a wedgie? Nope. I don’t either. All deleted shots are removed for the good of humanity.

Do you mind if my friend, X, who is a photographer re-edits the shots after delivery?

Yes. I do mind. Not only do I mind, but I’ll hunt down that person and pants him at the mall for doing something so unethical. Let’s put it this way: if you were going in for surgery and had spent time getting to know your surgeon, and talked long and hard about what she was going to do to you and how she was going to do it, and what the end result would be … how would you feel if you woke up from the anesthetic and she smiles at you and says “Hey, I didn’t think you would mind, but I invited my cousin to do the work for me. Don’t worry, I watched the whole time?” You’d be livid. Same here. The fact is, the images I deliver to you are not just pictures of you, they’re also a part of me. The composition, the color grading, the retouching, the stylistic approach, everything came from me. Having someone else, or even (shudder) Instagram change something is literally like saying “What you did wasn’t enough.” No one wants to feel that way, especially photographers.

Do you make prints of the photos?

Yes, I offer wedding albums. Please email me if you’re interested in one! Prices start at 350.

Should you attend our rehearsal?

Well, that depends. I’ve been to a lot of weddings. More than reasonable for a person my age. Almost too many weddings, if that were possible. So, unless you’re doing something in your wedding that’s really unusual like having dancing monkeys or trained birds singing the wedding march, I can probably skip it. However, if you ARE having dancing monkeys, I’ll definitely be there with some bananas in hand. Also, if you’re having Thai food, count me in.

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Yes! I adore engagement sessions. It gives us a chance to get to know each other so that you’re comfortable with me + my camera on the big day (I highly recommend this). You’ll receive a minimum of 50 photos.

Can our friends shoot behind you?

No. They can’t. It’s very difficult to do my job with someone right over my shoulder trying to copy me. Also, I’m always on the move, and I run into things. A person trying to shadow me once dropped their camera when I moved back to frame a shot and didn’t know they were there. It was a tragedy. No one wants to contribute to the death of an innocent camera.

Should we notify the guests to not use flash?

Yes! That’s so important. It messes up my own shots. It’s a horrible feeling when you go to take the first kiss and Uncle Bob takes a shot right when I do, and later I find out the shot is ruined. Truth: Uncle Bob’s (what I like to call amateur photographers who try to do my job for me at a wedding) ruin more pictures and more weddings than anything else.

Any advice you can give us?

Yes. Have fun. Your wedding shouldn’t be a hassle or a pain or something you just want to get over with. You’re celebrating, with your closest family and friends, a love that you and your spouse share. That is something no one can ever take away from you. Enjoy it. Will you get a little stressed? Sure. Will you be close to tears at times? Possibly. But… you won’t be alone. I’ll be there with you, not only taking pictures of your day but helping in any way I can to make things run smoothly, on time, and stress-free. Don’t worry! You’ve got this! It’s a good bet you’ll never have a day like this again. Live it up. Smile till it hurts. Laugh till you feel the abs coming on. Then laugh some more to really get that 8-pack. Hug and kiss till your cheeks are redder than mine after attempting to run a mile. But most of all, just HAVE FUN.

I’ll try not to post the embarrassing shots on Instagram.